Whether you aim to lose weight, improve muscle strength or general health, our state-of-the-art Gym will meet all your requirements. Our professional trainers will improve your workout effectiveness and make sure you reach your goals faster.

Spacious Aerobics Studio offers various group classes such as Hatha Yoga, Power Vinyasa Yoga, Fit body, Stretching, Pilates, Step, Body Sculpt, Abs Attack, Mix Latino Dances, Salsa, Hip Hop dances and more.
Classes are provided by professional instructors and scheduled throughout the week from so you can join us at any comfortable time.

Indoor pool is located on the mezzanine level of the Health Club. The pool is heated throughout the year. It is 25 m long and 1.6 m deep along with a large resting area for those just looking to take a dip.

Swimming classes are available for adults and kids. Classes are suitable for beginners as well as professionals.

Outdoor pool is open during the warmer period of the year from May until the middle/end of September.
The pool deck is equipped with comfortable lounge chairs to relax and enjoy the sun, while poolside facilities such as Cabana Bar and Pool Lounge offer refreshing drinks and snacks.
The pool is 25 m long and 1.6 m deep, making it one of the biggest outdoor pools among hotels in the city.

We offer unlimited memberships as well as day passes and visit packages. Choose what suits you best.


  • Annual – 1800 AZN
  • 6 months – 1100 AZN
  • 1 month – 300 AZN

Day Pass

  • For adults (Weekdays) – 50 AZN
  • For adults (Weekend) – 60 AZN
  • For couples (Weekdays) – 80 AZN
  • For couples (Weekend) – 100 AZN
  • For children (3-15 years old) – 30 AZN


  • 20 Visits for adults – 700 AZN
  • 10 Visits for adults – 400 AZN
  • 20 Visits for children (3-15 years old) – 400 AZN
  • 10 Visits for children (3-15 years old) – 250 AZN

* Day Passes and Visits include access to gym, swimming pools, steam, sauna, tennis and squash courts, as well as free parking and locker.


Swimming Pools (indoor and outdoor)


3 group classes per week in Aerobics Studio

Access to Tennis and Squash Courts

Table Tennis

Locker Rooms with Sauna and Steam

Free Parking

15 % discount on Spa Treatments

15% discount in Wellness Café and Mezzo Restaurant

15% discount on accommodation at Hyatt Regency Baku hotel

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