What is Stretching and why do we need it?
December 23, 2020
Getting back into exercise after the holiday break.
January 6, 2021

Hello! My name is Ayaz. I’m a personal trainer.
There are several benefits that one can get from body building. The very first benefit that you will gain out of body building is the physical development. The development of the physiological aspect of humans can be regarded as a natural occurrence and does not need any further effort to achieve such development. However, due to distorted lifestyles and destroyed environment, the natural development is stagnated or better yet staggered which in some way need a little effort on the side of humans to achieve the physiological development. Here are some of the physiological benefits that human may get from body building:

  1. Body building can increase the muscular strength of a person. The strength of a person is very important in everyday living like lifting objects and transferring it to other places.
  2. Body building does not only increase muscular strength but as well as the bone and ligament strength.
  3. Though exposed to great stresses and strains, body building can add flexibility to the body.
  4. Fitness can be improved since discipline is always to be observed. Right food and at the same time right routines of exercise can help improve physical and health fitness.
  5. Body building can decrease cholesterol levels. When doing routines or exercising, voluminous fats are burned. There includes bad fats that are not needed by the body.
  6. Body building can make the heart healthier. When a person exerts more effort or consumes energy, heart is exercised through the heart beats. When done constantly, the hearts muscles are strengthened.

The biggest benefit that body building can give to humans is far beyond what is seen by the naked eye. A body builder can never be fully built if he has not learned the very basic of body building. The basic is simple; discipline. And here’s why you need a personal trainer.
Everybody is different, and that means everyone’s abilities and requirements are different when it comes to exercise.
Personal trainers know that there are usually two kinds of people who go to the gym:

  1. Those who wander in, spend 10 minutes on one machine and then drift slowly over to another, before half-heartedly trying bicep curls for five reps and then walking out.
  2. Those who have a plan in mind, and hit the machines with a purpose. They generally have a set amount of reps they do in sets of two or three, and they’ll know exactly what they’re doing on each machine.

If you’re anyone like person number 1 (which most of us are when starting our fitness journey!), your personal trainer will be able to help you transition towards becoming person 2, with a plan in place for each session so no time is wasted.
If you’re more like person 2, your personal trainer will be able to identify what changes need to be made to take your training to the next level and ensure you are challenging yourself to make the most out of each session.
Regardless of the time you have available to train or the level you are training at,  a personal trainer will be able to provide you with the right tools and planning to help you maximize your results every single time.
Having an educated personal trainer beside you to demonstrate the correct posture and technique is invaluable. He will ensure clients are performing exercises correctly and efficiently, in order to maximize your results.
It would be my pleasure to become such a person for you.
Hope to see you soon, good luck!

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